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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Where do we go from here?

Well, I warned you this would likely be abandoned - and it was. I have another blog (listed at right) that has been taking more of my time. But don't fear! There is a future in sight for Pop-Rx if anyone is still reading.

My other blog, Seen & Heard, may or may not be going on much longer. More importantly, this blog will be getting more attention in the coming months as I plan a redesign and restructuring.....sometime. For now, I'm going to try to post here once a week, just to see if maybe we can get back into the swing of things. Cool? Cool.



Blogger DJenders said...

No more Seen and Heard? Are you leaving MJS? They will really miss your talents if that is the case!


9:52 PM CST

Blogger Jinx said...

I'm currently "pursuing other opportunities" - though you never know, I might not ever break free. At the very least, I'm tired of Seen and Heard. Very, very tired.

3:42 PM CST

Blogger 2fs said...

Well, if S&H ends, I hope you continue this blog, or another one, whatever your focus - because you do this well. Despite its strictures (or so I assume, it being a paid gig for a daily paper and all), S&H is one of the more enjoyable reads in that paper.

11:16 PM CST


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