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Friday, May 12, 2006

TV season in review (and long overdue love)

As this television season comes to a close, I suppose I can finally write something.

This “year” (do we even really have seasons anymore?) marked the cancellation of the only network television show I had a history with (“Arrested Development”), the second chance for a longtime favorite (“Family Guy”) and a few new shows I found myself falling for (“Big Love”, “The Boondocks”, “Everybody Hates Chris”). I also found myself getting hooked into shows I can now finally admit that I should have started watching a long time ago, like “The Sopranos” and “The West Wing”.

This may be the most TV shows I’ve managed to follow since before college (8 years ago).

But the show that surprised me the most this season was “The Office” – which got an unlikely second season and somehow went from being a casual view to becoming what seems to be bordering on an obsession for me.

Many TV snobs who write blogs take this opportunity to sneer “sure it’s OK, but the British version is soooo much better.” From my experience, people only say this because they want you to think their opinion matters more because they not only watch BBC, but they “discovered” the show long before you.

So screw them.. I’ve seen the British version and it doesn’t even compare. Why? Because I’m not British, that’s why. This is a situation and character-driven show – and the situations and characters of the American version of “The Office” just feel more real to me. I sit two desks away from a Dwight. I know an Angela on day shift. I consider myself a Jim. And Michael? Who hasn’t had a weird boss like Michael?

And like my own coworkers, I actually care about these people. Each episode is akin to hearing great office gossip and being able to spread it. I am horrified by Creed's oddities, Kelly's idiocy and Dwight’s blatant ass kissing. I get uncomfortable when Michael gets himself into a jam. And I admittedly lost all shreds of dignity watching Thursday’s season finale, when the painfully unrequited office flirtation between Pam and Jim finally came to a head (I may have squealed and cried at the same time – it was undecipherable).

In short: I’m actually excited for a network season premiere for the first time in years. Bravo, network TV. You’ve got me hooked on one show. Damn you to hell.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you think of bosses like "Micheal"...I hope you don't think of your old boss in radio-land.

7:19 AM CDT


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